I am a Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at Caltech in the Humanities and Social Sciences group. From 2010-2014, I was on the faculty at Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.  I am also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).   I received my PhD in economics from the University of California, San Diego in 2010. Since 2006 I have worked as a quantitative advisor for Correlation Ventures, a quantitative-focused venture capital firm based in San Diego, CA.  

I am an associate editor of the Journal of Financial Economics, co-editor of the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy and Associate Editor at the Journal of Corporate Finance.  I co-organize the Southern California Private Equity Conference (with Arthur Kortweg (USC), Rick Townsend (UCSD) and Xinxin Wang (UCLA)) and the virtual Workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation (with Yael Hochberg (Rice), Song Ma (Yale) and David Robinson (Duke)).   


My research studies the financial intermediation, innovation and management of high-growth entrepreneurial firms. In this environment which is characterized by extreme agency and information frictions, one can revisit fundamental issues in finance and economics. I am particularly interested in the source of value-add of financial intermediaries such as VCs, the role of gender in entrepreneurship (see my lecture here) and the differences between public and private ownership forms.  All projects attempt to create new large sample data where earlier research had only a few industries or short time periods.